X Art

New X Art Review


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X Art is a rare specimen of a porn website in my eyes. It reminds me of the glossiest magazine on the shelves which is only ever bought by people that are confident in themselves due to the rich abundance of content that is contained within its covers. Of course the difference here is that it is hardcore porn, but the glossy part still remains.


It’s Erotica And It’s Spellbinding

You often learn a lot about a site from its home page and this is no different. As soon as you open it you will just feel the quality of their content coming across on the screen and it is obvious that they prefer to use soft lights and delicate angles in order to produce their content and I love it.

Glamorous And Hardcore

The models on X Art are gorgeous and you can scarcely believe that you are going to watch them do some hardcore fucking for your viewing pleasure. They clearly prefer to use natural looking models, but even with that you still get a mixture of slim women with small pert breasts to those with bigger boobs and some more curves. This just helps to keep everything interesting and it certainly manages to keep my attention.

From Solo To Group

The type of action that is available on here is the same as you would expect to get at any other porn website. It means that there is a good mixture from solo scenes right through to hardcore group fucking and to me they have the balance right between the sex and being erotic. Sure seeing a gorgeous girl being fucked in the ass is exciting, but they just manage to do something else that makes it seem far more sensual.

So Many Updates You Cannot Keep Track

With X Art you are looking at there being several updates a week and that just makes me feel as if my membership is actually worth something. There are already more than 400 individual scenes available and over 500 photo galleries, but it is cool that there always seems to be something new being uploaded. At least the website is not stagnant.

Lovers of in your face porn are going to hate this site, but if you want to appreciate the art of porn and love erotica and sensuality, then this is the site for you.