HD Love Review

New HD Love Review


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HD Love is certainly an intriguing website to check out because when it mentions high definition, then you automatically presume that everything is going to be absolutely crystal clear and amazing to watch. This does also mean that they have a high standard to come up to, and you need to see if this is indeed the case or if they fall short.


Well, as soon as you land on their site you know that they are not going to fall short because the quality of their content has to be seen to be believed. This site offers you full on hardcore, but it is actually done in a quite beautiful way whereby it is more like a form of art than hardcore sex and that in itself is pretty impressive when you stop and think about it.

They seem to have been able to create amazing settings for their hardcore sex and it does really make a difference to the scenes. This is not so much about porn, but instead about sex and erotica with a touch of sensuality thrown in as well. Basically, this os a porn site that just does things slightly differently, but the quality of what they do produce is there for all to see and is completely outstanding.

At this moment in time, the site has just under 50 videos, but then each video is 30 minutes long, so that is not too bad. It also offers you photo sets as well and each set contains 400 pics, so that is going to be enough to keep you busy. The fact that each scene and each set is produced to the highest possible standards is certainly something to keep in mind and do not hold the low numbers against them as they are working hard to increase the amount of content that is available.

HD Love is the kind of site that so many people will enjoy and do so for a variety of reasons. The chicks are stunning, the sex is absolutely wonderful and certainly captures that erotic feeling that just oozes out of the site, and it is just an enjoyable experience from start to finish.

ZTOD Review

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ZTOD means ZERO TOLERANCE ON DEMAND. They do hardcore movies and they have pornstars inside. For some of us, that is enough to seal the deal! But for those who need a bit more information, well, here we go!


The first happy thing we like about these guys is that they have high quality films. They also have high res images so that’s another positive-score for them!

The DVD films that they produce cover different niches. They also like giving the big names in the porn industry time to shine inside their videos. This means that many hardcore porn fans will be happy seeing some of their favorites doing high quality porn.

Members of this site have one advantage over those who go to the streets looking for DVD titles; they get their action weeks before it is released into the wild! Also, this site updates new action every day, so, no running out of things to watch inside this site.

The ZTOD site is busting with material, 5470-plus movies and scenes, 800+ full films, and more than 3536 galleries of pictures. The best quality films you will find inside are High Definition 1080p. The site lets you stream or download whatever you want.

You will find different film formats that will give you amazing looking hardcore you are not going to forget soon. And as for the images, the new additions are of course high resolution magnificent. The older ones are still huge and clear. The production of the films and pics is done in professional lighting, using great equipment, and a great production team. Even when they came out they had great material so don’t think they started being good just recently. Their constant updating is something you can rely on and something that has made them a truly robust site.

They have made certain porn-series-action known by porn followers, which you can find inside their site. The creativity that they have exhibited and the hardcore niches they have done are all positive things you can look forward to finding inside this site. They have done some 20-something categories of hardcore sexing, so variety is definitely there!

One, they do some really entertaining presentation of their material. This shows you they are serious about giving members hard boners! Two, the navigation features of the site give you user-friendly services you can comfortably use. You will be able to find models, pics, pornstars, and films and suffer no frustrations while doing so. Three, the speeds, the streams, downloads, thumbnails, and other technical parts of the site works perfectly. Browsing, watching, or downloading will be something you truly enjoy inside this site.

In the porn DVD market, completion is very fierce. ZTOD understands all this and they have a site that can compete with the best and the rest. The site includes 2 more pornsites in its membership so that members can have more quality hardcore sex action. They have very little flaws and you will be spending your money wisely by joining this site.

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